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ITA School of Performing Arts Shashi Ranjan | People Behind ITASPA
  • Simi GarewalSimi Garewal

    Actor & TV Anchor

    Shyam BenegalShyam Benegal

    Foremost Film Director

  • Shekhar SumanShekhar Suman

    Actor and Anchor

    Siddharth KakSiddharth Kak


  • Mukesh KhannaMukesh Khanna




  • Vikram ChandraVikram Chandra

    Group CEO, NDTV and Anchor

    Aroon PurieAroon Purie

    Chairman, India Today Group

  • Archana Puran SinghArchana Puran Singh


    Ashvini YardiAshvini Yardi

    Grazing Goat Production

  • A P HindujaA P Hinduja


    Rajat SharmaRajat Sharma


  • Rajdeep Sardesai Rajdeep Sardesai


    Rajan ShahiRajan Shahi

    Producer, Director's Cut

  • Gulshan GroverGulshan Grover


    Alka YagnikAlka Yagnik


  • DeepshikhaDeepshikha


    Kavita BarjatiyaKavita Barjatiya


  • Neena GuptaNeena Gupta


    Karan JoharKaran Johar

    Film Producer, Director and Anchor

  • Sanjay KhanSanjay Khan

    Actor, Producer and Director

    Sahara Shri Subrata RoySahara Shri Subrata Roy

    Chairman, Sahara Group

  • Dheeraj KumarDheeraj Kumar

    Actor, Producer and Director

    Mandira BediMandira Bedi

    Actor & Anchor

  • Prem SagarPrem Sagar

    Producer & Ace Cinematographer

    Anurradha PrasadAnurradha Prasad

    Producer, Bag Films

  • Avika GorAvika Gor


    Rakesh BediRakesh Bedi


  • Javed JaffriJaved Jaffri

    Actor & Anchor

    Navneet NishanNavneet Nishan


  • Rajiv Mehra Rajiv Mehra

    Producer & Director, Eagle Films

    Niret AlvaNiret Alva

    Producer, Miditech

  • Sanjeev KapoorSanjeev Kapoor

    Celebrity Chef.

    Ravi BehlRavi Behl

    Producer & Anchor

  • Naved JaffriNaved Jaffri


    Anand SagarAnand Sagar

    Producer, Sagar Arts

  • Gyan Ranjan SahayGyan Ranjan Sahay


    G KrishnanG Krishnan


Simi Garewal

I remember I met Shashi Ranjan a decade back, when he told me they wanted to institute an Academy solely to celebrate the talent in the TV industry. He asked me what I thought about it. I shrugged..‘There’s no point Shashi unless the awards are completely credible’. He looked me straight in the eye and said, ‘I promise you - they will be completely credible.

Shashi n Anu kept to their word. Today The ITA is the only credible body that caters to, awards, and represents the most powerful medium in India – television. 

Having been a recipient of the 2003 Best Anchor Award for my talk show ‘Rendezvous with Simi Garewal’ – I know how good it feels to be recognized by the academy!

The fact that there is no equivalent to The ITA is also a major achievement! 

I applaud you today, Anu & Shashi Ranjan, for your unstinting dedication and commitment to your goal – as I congratulate you on a ‘PERFECT 10’! 




Shyam Benegal

I am very happy to read that The ITA has completed 10 years and is going to celebrate its 10th Anniversary this year.  The Indian Television Academy has fulfilled an extremely important need felt by the Television Industry. 

The Academy has not simply rested on its laurels by creating facilities for training but has encouraged quality of programming by instituting the ITA Awards which now are coveted for being the definitive awards in the Industry.

Then there is the GR8! TV Magazine which offers information and news of the Industry, the new shows on the anvil, and on the stars and rising stars of the television industry.  All in all the Indian Television Academy has done yeoman service to the Indian Television Industry.


Shekhar Suman

Earlier the TV industry was recognized as the poor cousin of movies and did not have as strong the status that it has today.The ITA has helped to consolidate the equal, parallel status of the television. In earlier days TV was considered down market and acting on TV was like stepping down. It was termed as the deadline or dead-end of your career. But ITA bestowed it with the dignity that it deserved and has enormously helped to bring up the TV industry on par with Bollywood. More over with the top Bollywood actors on TV, the fine line dividing TV & movies is vanishing and it won’t be wrong to say that it is primarily because of ITA as it has actually understood the significance of TV and supported & promoted it.

Well all actors need the assurance that they are being liked and their work is being appreciated. There were no awards for the TV actors but they too needed to be awarded and rewarded for their hard work. This is what ITA understood and they came up with The ITA Awards for the TV fraternity. The ITA Awards are one of the most awaited awards for the entire TV industry. And for the GR8! TV Magazine I would just say it is am honest representation of the whole TV industry and fraternity. It bridges the gap between the audience and the stars. GR8! TV Magazine has everything from the glam quotient to the interesting interviews of actors and creativity in covering the various shows on varied channels. 

Anu and Shashi should really be applauded for conceptualizing The ITA and putting in their sincere efforts. 


Siddharth Kak

The Indian Television community needs a forum, not only to recognize excellence but also to promote it through training, conferences and seminars as well as provide a platform for conflict resolution and building ethical values in the media and ITA has made important efforts in that direction..

The ITA awards I believe is the Filmfare of Television, the awards have grown every year since inception. The Awards have opened a new dimension of healthy competition in the television fraternity.

The Magazine opens the world of television not only to the common people but also to the film world. It gives the actors an opportunity to speak about themselves and let the people now who they really are.


Mukesh Khanna

The Indian Television Academy is dedicated to the TV Industries and its people. It keeps track of all the artists working in TV serials, their work their achievements.
The ITA Awards is one of the very popular awards amongst TV fraternity. And is attended by almost all people from the TV industry



The ITA has really mattered to the medium and the fratertinity as it carried both secitons together for their fast growth since last ten years.The ITA awards are the first television awards which gave T.V. actors the position of superstars to the comparision of Bollywood superstars.

As far as the Press Media is concerned GR8! is really great as it has made a mark in ten years which even magazines like Filmfare, Star&Style, Stardust & Screen have not made in the last 25-50 years.


Vikram Chandra

I think it is great to have credible awards that everyone can look forward to. I truly treasure The ITA awards that I have won for anchoring and for the Big Fight.

Industry members look forward to recoginition from their peers and from the experts on the jury. Everyone eagerly anticipates The ITA awards every year.


Aroon Purie

The Indian Television Academy is a fine example of the adage – ‘Right Place at the Right Time’. The past decade has seen a tremendous boom in the television industry. The television space has evolved from a situation of monopoly to multiplicity. The general entertainment space continues to co-exist with the niche channels and both continue to grow. The regional space is coming of age and offering a viable platform to the content producers and advertisers.

The ITA has been part of this incredible journey and continues to celebrate every milestone of the television industry.

The ITA is doing a fine job of being relevant to all stakeholders of the television industry. The ITA awards have evolved into the marquee television awards that recognize popular channels and successful personalities. I am sure the entire industry looks forward to the annual event to come together and celebrate each other’s success.  GR8! magazine provides every television professional with a monthly snapshot of all the news from the world of television. I am sure the ITA will continue to explore new opportunities and expand by launching several new initiatives.


Archana Puran Singh

The Indian Television Academy is a great platform for the entire television fraternity. It is a splendid initiative taken by Shashi and Anu, one which has unified all aspects of our television industry under one umbrella.

The ITA Awards and The GR8! TV Magazine are both pioneers in their spheres. One has instituted dedicated awards solely for the television industry at a time when there were none! And the other is a first-of-its- kind magazine in the country.
Other similar endeavors may have followed the path set by ITA Awards and GR8! TV Magazine, yet none can match their unique and pioneering achievements in the field.
I wish both ITA Awards and the GR8! TV Magazine the success and laurels that accompany a dedicated and enduring passion, which both these ventures evidently are


Ashvini Yardi

The ITA Awards are a great reason for the entire fraternity to come together to celebrate success and achievement and to congratulate peers. Its a celebration of skills and one of those events that the entire fraternity collectively looks forward to.

The Gr8! TV Mag is an excellent source of information and allows the fraternity to stay updated with all that is happening in the industry.


A P Hinduja

I compliment Anu and Shashi for the pioneering role that they have played in the Indian TV sector within the larger entertainment industry, through the ITA. Their efforts in bringing together the television fraternity and giving them a single stage to showcase their talent is indeed praiseworthy.

GR8 TV magazine has successfully filled a gap in the print media pertaining to the TV entertainment industry. While we have many a movie mag to fill us in about the Indian movie world, this magazine is a worthy representative of the tv industry, and has been a “great” initiative of the ITA. The ITA awards too have distinct credibility within the industry and outside, and commands kudos to the ITA team.


Rajat Sharma

The ITA has played a big role in bringing the TV fraternity together.  It is the pioneer organization which celebrated the success of the entire television industry. ITA has also over the years established as a forum for the TV stars.

The GR8! TV magazine is the only magazine that gives Indian readers an insight into the television world and takes them closer to their favorite TV stars.  India TV as a matter of policy does not participate in television awards; however the ITA awards have made a place in the television industry.


Rajdeep Sardesai

The ITA provides an important platform to the TV industry. See the TV industry at times can be very competitive and divided. ITA brings it together and has contributed immensely.

 I take The ITA Awards seriously and I also respect the Awards. The selection of the nominees is very professional and they give a lot of importance to quality. This has also helped to rise the quality of Television and healthy competition has emerged.

For the GR8! Magazine I would just say its an unique venture as I always see films and entertainment everywhere. But never have I found a TV magazine other than GR8!. It has brought the Television into limelight which today is a prominent part of our lives.


Rajan Shahi

It’s a school, which I would like to join.The entire look is awesome, you get in, it’s very positive. Whenever you get into another section its different, aap singing ka hai, jo canteen hai, it’s so cute, small colourful and yes, the best school.


Gulshan Grover

ITA ka jo yeh naya endeavor, ITA School of Performing Arts, yeh talented logo ko qualified banayega. Meri taraf se, dheron shubhkamanayein aur badhayee.


Alka Yagnik

The ITA school of Performing Arts is a very, very good endeavour on the part of Shashi and Anu Ranjan.  Yahan ka ambience bahut hi cheerful hai. Student of music, dance, acting, pasand karenge, yahan aake, iss maahaul mein, unko sikhane ke liye  my heart felt very warm.



Yeh bahut hi accha move hai. All the best and I think its going to rock...


Kavita Barjatiya

Anuji & Shashiji have always done a lot for this industry. This is another feather in their cap. It’s a beautiful school, very well maintained, there are a lot of detailing has done, a lot of hard work is done into making the school.The other facilities provided are, of the top of line, the people, who are a part of the panel, who are the head of the department, the faculty, very prestigious, very honourable.


Neena Gupta

A very important thing that The ITA did was the insurance for the workers. The ITA indulges in a lot of social cause events like ‘beti’, women awards, etc and has certainly managed to bring in a difference in the society. The TV industry has definitely benefited and has grown with ITA. They have succeeded in bringing up the TV industry on par with the movie industry and it is no longer considered second grade, which is a very big achievement and a boon for the TV industry and the television fraternity.

Well to be frank there is hardly any other medium covering Television as extensively as GR8! TV Magazine while The ITA Awards are ofcourse on of its kind especially designed for the TV fraternity. The awards have given the same appreciation and status to the TV actors as the bollywood actors. The ITA Awards and GR8! TV Magazine both are popular with the TV fraternity not only because there is nothing as in-depth as them for television but mainly because of it’s very fair representation.

The ITA a genuine effort of Anu and Shashi that has brought in a change in the mindsets of people regarding the Television.


Karan Johar

The ITA has inspired and pioneered huge support to the television fraternity… their encouragement in the form accolades have moulded and created content for millions of national tele viewers.. their extensive, risqué and reader friendly coverage in GR8… has glamourised the small screen and given it big status!! More power to an industry that started as a hobby in my life and then went on to be a large part of my identity… The ITA and GR8! Are mother brands of television more power to them..


Sanjay Khan

The ITA has done great service to the Television Industry – technicians, artists and makers by recognizing and awarding their talents and encouraging the Television Industry to do their best. 
I trust ITA should continue to do their good work along with their sister concern GR8 TV Mag to promote and encourage quality and higher standards of the Indian Television Industry.


Sahara Shri Subrata Roy

Having been existent for about four decades, the Television in India, besides being one of the most powerful media, has recently emerged as an industry involving thousands of people, in all parts of the country. The Indian Television Academy has done a commendable work by providing a single common forum to the people of Indian Television industry, and helping in the development of the country’s ever-growing and powerful medium.   

 The endeavors of the ITA in the form of The ITA Awards & The GR8! TV Mag, are a laudable step taken by the academy in the direction of promoting and encouraging the people involved in the Indian television industry. The necessary appreciation and recognition given in the form of the coveted ITA awards, impels the people in the industry to continuously strive towards excellence in their respective areas of work. Besides, The GR8! Mag, having its reach right from the big metros to the small towns, plays an indispensable role in bringing forth the enormous glamour and glitz of the Indian television industry, to the common man.


Dheeraj Kumar

The Indian Television Academy recently commenced its platform for the new Talent to be groomed by the veterans. The young talent shall get an opportunity to showcase their skills, creativity histrionics through the academy and subsequently to the viewers of this country through the creative medium.

The ITA Awards and the GR8 TV Mag. have created its own niche in the entertainment Industry, specially in the television Industry. The ITA Awards while recognizing the creative talent by confirming the awards also puts responsibility on the winners to perform better each year.

The GR8 TV Mag. with its “CRISPY MASALEDAR” and ofcourse to the point article about TV personalities makes it worth reading.


Mandira Bedi

The ITA is the only academy of its sort in the country that has recognised and documented the achievemnts and achievers of the television industry. i have been a part of this business for 15 years and never before has there been any academy that has awarded and rewarded people from the world of television.

The awards are every year a glitzy and glamorous affair at par with any of the big film awards. and the magazine is a the only one of its kind to give people the news, views and images of their favorite television personalities. its a wonderful medium to stay connected with ones favourite soap and television personalities. i have been thrilled to be on the cover of GR8 three times.


Prem Sagar

The ITA has honestly saluted the talent and path breaking efforts of individuals, institutions and corporates in the medium of Television and fraternity of the entertainment industry.
This selfless pain staking effort of ITA has not only encouraged but put higher bench marks to achieve for creative and technical excellence thus becoming the driving force for giant leaps in TV software year after year.

The ITA awards are the OSCARS of Indian Television – Just like the OSCAR is most wanted and important in Hollywood similarly ITA awards are the most sought after and respected in the Indian Television Industry.
GR8 salutes and brings direct contact one to one of the TV fraternity –
It is the only of its kind on the Indian Television Horizon


Anurradha Prasad

The ITA has played a vital role in the evolution of the television Industry. It has provided a common platform to all broadcasters to meet, discuss and address issues concerning the industry. Through its endeavors, it has motivated members of the industry to strive to achieve greater heights. Its various events have helped in our business networking and systematic functioning. ITA has thus played a significant role in the television industry and to the fraternity members.

 As I stated, The ITA awards are very motivating to all fraternity members. They pose a challenge to all of us working for television and with motivation we all try to give our best to our work.

The GR8! TV Mag gives us a platform to speak of our concerns, if any arise. One also gets to know one another working in the industry. It an important connecting unit for fraternity members and I believe in the importance of such events and units. The ITA awards and The GR8! TV Mag both are excellent initiatives of The ITA and on its tenth anniversary, I congratulate the ITA for having founded these endeavours.


Avika Gor

I believe The ITA awards has helped a lot of people to recognise themselves and the welcome they give to new performers is truely a boost in their life and career.

this awards are important because unless and until you are appreciated by some organisation like the indian telivision academy awards you can not be recognised in this industry and it is not comparable by other awards too because it is truely upon the correct judgement made by the viewers in the country,
even great magazine is truely a most effective magazine which says the correct facts and is with lot of knowledge about the industry and its happenings.


Rakesh Bedi

Bade dinoke baad, main eek aaisa ambience dekha hai, Jiska Naam hain ITA School, jahan par choti- choti cheezo ki, care ki gayee hai.  Yehan har department ka, apna ek alag wajood hai, alag jagah hai.


Javed Jaffri

ITA’s ‘GR8’ is one of the most respected TV magazines in our industry. They have great content. And their award show is also one of the best we have! Anu and Shashi along with their team are surely doing a great job!


Navneet Nishan

I think it’s a great effort. And is is obvious that what ITA has done for TV industry is commendable as it bought attention towards the Television medium.
Of course both  The ITA Awards & GR8! Magazine are very important the TV medium. For the; ITA Awards I would say that everyone love to be appreciated and praised for the hard work, that is what we human being thrive on. ITA Awards acknowledges the TC actors for the hard work they put in. 10-15 yrs ago, TV was not these developed but today the scenario has changed so, according to me any effort to promote TV is commendable.


Rajiv Mehra

The ITA has filled a void by giving the television fraternity a much needed platform!
The ITA awards were the first of their kind which awarded excellence in Television! I believe that!
The GR8 TV Mag has brought to the forefront the various people associated with this industry who otherwise went un-noticed!


Niret Alva

The Indian Television Academy recognises excellence in television and the ITA Awards are in an eagerly awaited event in the broadcast calendar each year. Over the years, the awards have grown in scope and stature! ITA recognition spurs creativity and incites even greater artistic endeavour. The broadcast event itself rates rather well and brings together competitors and peers for the length of a rather magical evening.


Sanjeev Kapoor

The TV industry has grown in India manifold since the days of Doordarshan. Now there is no dearth of TV channels in all genres. There was always a requirement of a common binding thread, someone to bring them on one platform - a platform for communication, sharing issues, and above all, felicitate the achievers. This has been done aptly and generously by The ITA in the last one decade. It has grown in stature and credibility during this time and it is now a name to reckon with. ITA has always been contemporary in raising issues and addressing them with all that it takes. According to me, ITA is living its utility and it is time for it to widen its ambit and take on more issues related to TV industry and TV fraternity in general. Wish them all the best.

Answers are very obvious. Both matter a lot to the TV industry and they are doing a yeoman’s service to the industry. All these years we had film magazines with news and views for the TV industry, presented with a big brother attitude. High time that something was dedicated which would justify the size and importance of the TV industry that it holds today. Gr8 magazine is an expression of the importance of TV in the lives of the Indian people. Not only is recognition important but also such recognitions pave the way for more success and more experiments by those achievers. And again ITA awards are absolutely parallel to various film awards and it was much needed because in today’s time revenues earned from TV industry are very large compared to the film industry.


Ravi Behl

The ITA is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious award shows we have seen on Indian television. Anu and Shashi have been doing a commendable job for the past 10 years. Kudos to them for bringing out such an extravagant award show as well as the wonderful magazines- The GR8! TV Mag..!!


Naved Jaffri

Just like Boogie Woogie, The ITA too is a first for Indian television. Their award shows have a magnificent splendor. Their magazine too has great quality write ups and has evolved over the years.


Anand Sagar

The ITA has set an example as the body that gives the much-needed boost to talent and its nurturing in a highly competitive industry.Unlike the motion picture industry the tv industry thrives on fresh talent which needs constant encouragement and recognition.The ITA has been doing a great service by giving fair and deserving awards to those who strive for excellence.
Apart from the awards the magazine GR8! has been a platform for connecting the members of the fraternity with one another. Each issue is a delight to go through.Its a pleasure to know whats happening in the profession one is in and what one's peers are doing.


Gyan Ranjan Sahay

The ITA has greatly mattered to the television industry as this one is the first of its kind which  works  to bring all the people related to this medium of entertainment together one platform across all channels . all production House s , all actors, makers & technicians .. and has achieved to do so..
ITA Awards is genuine .. Getting such honors are always respectful. And are important for every individual working in this medium.
GR8! is the only magazine for Television with such gloss and gives competitions to any of the reputed film magazine.. The actors on television are known by their characters and GR8 introduces the tele people in person/ in real to its readers..


G Krishnan

The Indian Television space has witnessed exponential growth in the last decade. The numbers of channels, production houses and viewers have been increasing rapidly. Every industry needs a dedicated platform that reviews the performance and becomes a central point to celebrate every success with. The ITA has done a fabulous job of representing all walks of the television industry.
The ITA Awards have evolved into the most comprehensive and credible awards in the television industry. It has become a calendar event for every television professional and all of us look forward to it. While the awards celebrate the best of our industry on an annual basis – GR8! magazine provides us with information and analysis of our industry on a regular basis. I would like to wish The ITA and Anu and Shashi Ranjan the very best for all their future endeavors. I am sure ITA will launch many more initiatives for the television industry.

The Elegant Creations, Makes your Rhythms flow

ITA - School Of Performing Arts


That is a question all of you might be having, ITASPA is a part of Indian Television Academy the most credible umbrella organization when it comes to the medium of film and TV providing a 360 degree platform for talent by training them through its Film Acting School in Mumbai, providing opportunities for growth and through ITA awards awarding the most deserving talent.

If you have the skills and talent in yourself, and if you have great expressions on your face, we have the correct path to show you. At the Indian Television Academy film school, we nurture the natural actor inside you and give you the platform to show off your talent. In short, we hone your skills and sharpen them so that you can perform with the best of your abilities.

The ITA School of Performing Arts is a leading acting school in Mumbai, India. With the guidance of most renowned faces of television and film industry, we prepare the stars of the future. Our 10000 sq. ft. training center is equipped with the most cutting-edge instruments that help you see your performance and improve it to the best level possible. We offer a wide range of courses including:

- Personality Enhancement & Grooming School

At The ITASPA, you do not only learn how to act, but we also give you the right platform to act. We give you singing, dancing, Personality Enhancement & Grooming and acting opportunities to make a bright career in films, Film Making and Television. We have the support and blessings of Shashi Ranjan (Convenor, The  Indian Television Academy, Publisher GR8! TV Mag, Director GR8 Entertainment Ltd. & CMD, ITASPA, where you will get your first opportunity.

It’s once in a lifetime opportunity to work with Rajan Shahi – the maker of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and the one who introduced Hina Khan, Karan Mehra, Angad Hasija, Kinshuk Mahajan Parul Chouhan and many more. You can be the next in this list…

Enroll for our 4-months acting courses at the ITASPA and give your acting career a great start. We identify the talent in you, polish it, and give you the platform to establish yourself as a known celebrity. Grab the chance now to see yourself on the silver screen. Also enroll for 4 months Singing Course. 

The ITA School’s Alumni who succeeded in the Entertainment Industry are…


 1:Mishkat Verma:
– played the lead in 'Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya' (ZEE TV). Nisha Aur Uske Cousins (STAR Plus)

2: Master Jermaine Cutinho: has acted in movies like Ghomketu, Shamithab, has done 2 short films ‘Choti se Aasha’  & ‘The Cycle’ to be released at the International Film Festival at Cannes, currently shooting for a Konkani movie.

3: Mallika Poswal:Played a role in for AAJ PHIR JEENE KI TAMANNA HAI which airs on Sahara One Channel. Have also shot for episode of POLICE FILES which airs on BIG MAGIC Bihar - Jharkhand. My first project was an episode of SAVDHAAN INDIA as the lead of the show, which airs on the Life OK Channel. I have done a few short films too and also Working in Current season of Aahat(SONY TV)

4: Rahul Pathak:Played the lead in 3 short films made for the Cannes Film Festival and had won the best actor award 2013 for his lead role of Rahul in '3 Knots' in second Mumbai International Short Film Festival. Has also played the lead in Hindi film 'Shabad – The Shadow of a Woman'. Has also played the lead in Hindi film 'Juliet & Juliet'.

5. Sehreen: a) Played the role of Ranno in Kismat Connection
b) Played the role of Ramya in Fear Files – Zee TV
c) Played the role of Sapna in
Aadalat – SONY TV

6: Aditi Bahl:
Has portrayed different characters in various movies:
a) Itni Se Khushi - played a role of a teacher.
b) Code Red  - 3rd episode (Zee TV) played a role of Mrs. Bhosle.
c) Played a character of Mira a Punjabi mother in Tujh Se Naraaz Nahi Zindaji
d) And has also played different roles in CID / Sasural Simra Ka / Ballika Vadhu   / Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chasmah etc.

7: Prachi Kadam: Played the lead role in Devyani on Star Prabha and as also acted in Ballika Vadhu (COLORS).

Remember, ‘Opportunity’ doesn’t knock twice!
Admissions Open! Enroll Now!

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