Jaipur Centre: Pre-launch

Jaipur Centre: Pre-launch

Jaipur Centre:  Pre-launch
Event Date : 8th July 2016.

On 8 th July,’16 a pre-launch get-together for the upcoming Jaipur Chapter of the ITA School of Performing Arts was held to project its specialties and other highlights.

The ITA, as originated in Mumbai, is the only body of Television in India. Among its multiple endeavours in the service of the world of Entertainment is the ITA School of Performing Arts, a premier seat of learning for the four prime-most specialties in Films and Television - Acting, Dancing, Singing and Image Grooming. Launched in 2011, it has gained tremendous stature in the Industry by virtue of fulfilling a burning need for trained talent on both the big as well as the small screen. Today, both mediums are seeing huge growth and hence, the demand for well-groomed and trained performers is also exceeding by the day and the ITASPA is just the correct Centre for that. It follows global standards in its syllabi and modes of training. Unlike heaps of other such Centres that are mushrooming all over these days, the ITASPA has been established and is being run by those who have bona fide knowledge of the medium, besides long years of experience in the line.

It is spearheaded by Shashi Ranjan, an alumnus of the illustrious Film & TV Institute of India and a Producer/ Director of immense standing and goodwill in the Industry. Because of being deeply rooted in both Cinema and TV, Shashi Ranjan knows exactly all that is needed to nurture and groom raw talent in a way as to prepare it for being a professional to perfection in the Industry. And through the ITASPA, he has created just the correct place for that with its huge infrastructure, state-of-the- art equipment and its perfect methodology of training.

Says he, 'The ITASPA is a mission of ours through which we open the gateways to the Entertainment World for raw aspirants by polishing their potential to the optimum. In this, we have been extremely successful in Mumbai, but there is a big, big treasure of talent across the country, who cannot reach us for grooming. That's why we have decided that if they can't come to us, we will go to them through extended branches of the School with absolutely the same standards of training as here. And I'm sure it would create a world of opportunities for the young hopefuls who want to carve out their own niche in Showbiz!'

The biggest asset of the ITASPA is that thanks to the enormous goodwill enjoyed by The ITA and Shashi Ranjan himself in the Entertainment fraternity, the School creates a bridge between its trainees and the Industry that goes to help them in a big, big way, when they move out to seek their rightful place under the sun in there. The ITASPA is to have four affiliates in Lucknow, Pune, Indore and Jaipur. Eminent faculty, latest modes of training that are moulded to the specific requirements of specific cases, are the features that make ITASPA stand apart and stand tall as a training centre for Performing Arts. It is the surefire bet for all the aspirants who want to shine in Showbiz to get just the right training to gain the techniques and confidence for being a thorough professional!

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