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About Acting:

“An actor is the piano and the pianist”

That means considering acting as an art form , the actor is the instrument of his / her own craft this on a logical scale would breakdown acting training into two parts , but i would also add two more to this and would explain it subsequently

  • The outlook training
  • The Instrument
  • The Craft
  • The Technique

The Outlook Training

This is the first part of the training , where we would analyze the prospect or student for talent and areas of working , it's like an assessment test , post that the prospect would be put through observing things in ways he/she is not used to based on his/ her social conditioning , there is a certain sensual deduction that an actor needs to make with small things in his/her daily life , details we tend to forget , details we ignore things that in our practical life is worthless but is very valuable in our careers as actors , we need to instill that “eye” to sensual detail this is short is the outlook training

The Instrument

What are the actors instrument, the body and the voice this section of training is dedicated to step by step training to improve voice quality , diction and speech to work on accents etc , this is invaluable to acting training , a body that is not in control is a body that cannot respond to the impulse of imagination we train the student through movement exercises of exaggerated movements and explicit emotion to open up the system and to kill the inhibitions so that the students is free of the presence of the all seeing eye and is relaxed to let the impulses flow through his or her body


The Craft

We at ITA School strictly follow the method training approach but not exclusive to the teachings of lee strasberg , we also in huge measure incorporate the behavioural approach as taught by Sanford Meisner and the definition as said by him

“Acting is truthful behaviour in imaginary circumstances”

We follow this training principle strictly and start with simple Muscular Memory exercises of ailments , and handling imaginary object without emotional connect trying to work on one sense at a time till the time the student is able to handle all five of them post that we give all the exercise a emotional connect or rather a point of view through Sense Memory exercises this is a extensive training process to create space and to charge it up with a emotional connect and to dig deep into the bank of already existing Memories Related to the senses then slowly progresses to partner exercises of Action Problem where there is human contact but silent the idea is to have a emotional connect with the person while not indulging in a dialogue but having a point of conflict through a common object of interest this is the most important part of training following Improvisations , the Improvisation is the skill the saperates the amature and untrained actor from a trained one , its easy to peak emotion on a said line without context and understanding of the Given Circumstances but very difficult to developement what i call as a Creative Awareness where an actor although performing is able to make creative judgements as an actor so via continuous practice with ever increasing difficulty of given circumstance with respect to Spacial consideration, Emotional Memory, Previous Event, Conflict, Urgency, Relationship POV, Want we come up with a richness of Improvisation, the aim of improvisation is to have a real , one to one contact that justifies the choices that the student has made the effect of those choices on the impulsive expression during the exercise, A major portion of the exercise would pertain to understanding this skill that saperates the amature from the professional after this basic training is done we move to what is called Scene Work , now here is a scene work the moments are fixed as per script , directions and emotional moments and the student is trained to get repeated accurate performances without the element of luck , the underlying principle being that

“We at ITA School train actors to perform through a Trained Instinct and not Conscious Effort”


The Technique

After the student has come command on his instrument and imagination response we expose him/ her to the intricacies of film making process which is essential to understanding what acting for camera is all about this is followed by a series of exercises and monologues to make the student comfortable to camera presence followed by shooting the scene practiced and new scenes developing a quick response to understanding and performing after sufficient practice the student will attend the audition workshop one of our most important and defined product that sets us apart from other institutes a fast one week workshop to make students aware of the audition process, the business of filmmaking and how to pitch when it comes to auditions in mumbai this is our most unique product , post that we have extensive practice of auditions.

On the completion of the course the student would get

  • Certificate
  • His / her selected monologues for showreel
  • His / her selected scene as recorded in class

The whole process in a mind map

Best Acting Course
Course Summary:
  • Weekend Special Classes: Car Driving, Horse Riding, Action Master, Make Up, Presentation etc. 
  • 3 months of advance practice of Scenes, Monologues, etc. 
  • Technical Module to be conducted by Direction Faculty. 
  • Dubbing and Voiceover Workshop and Practice (to open an alternate career option for people with good voice craft). 
  • Celebrity Visits
  • Workshop at ‘Film and Television Institute of India’ (FTII), Pune, for Film Appreciation.
  • Diploma Film. 
  • Audition Month: One full months of nonstop audition practice and training (since cracking auditions is the most important skill an actor can have). 
  • Individual Attention: The method of acting will personally monitor the growth of the student with regular meetings and assessments. 
Duration: 4 months
Sessions: 150
Man hours of work: 350 approx
Session Times / day
Morning Session: 10.30 12.00 (movement/voice, speech and diction)
Afternoon Session: 1.00 4.00 (Acting Craft)
Full time acting course would go through the whole process step by step
Duration: 2 months
Sessions: 40
Man Hours of Work: 80 Hours
Session times/Day (subject to adjustment)
Evening: 7.00 pm 9.00 pm
The part time course cannot possibly incorporate the whole training process so we go to a more direct misner training for the same using repetition exercise moving to pov , repetition in independent activity leading to improvisation and after a brief direct craft work would get down to working on scene and monologues


Duration: 3 months
Sessions: 25 session
Man Hours of Work: 50
Session Times / Day:This is subject to adjustment keeping 3 two hours sessions per weekend
Saturday: Evening 4.00 6.00
Sunday: Afternoon 11.00 1.00
Evening: 2.00 4.00
The weekend course with its 25 sessions would deal mostly with getting a quick technique using behavioural models and through a special Behavioural Improvisation model get into monologues and audition work using techniques of natyashastra.



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