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About ITASPA Indore

Best acting playback singing & Modelling & course in Mumbai, Pune, Indore & Jaipur

ITASPA Indore Branch is in 5000 sq ft area with ultra-Morden infrastructure with WiFI zone, canteen etc. Our Indore centre is having advanced and well equipped class room for various courses like acting, dancing, singing and modelling.

ITASPA Indore is located in the heart of the city which can be easily approached from any corner of the city. ITASPA is directly connected to Railway Station, Bus Stand and Airport.

Courses Offered @ ITASPA Indore:

  • Choreography course by Farah Khan
  • Acting
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Modelling & Image Grooming 

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The ITA School Indore, boasts of fantastic facilities in regard to space, set up, equipment etc.

In cities where suitable accommodation is hard to come by and its acquisition prohibitive, ITA School has gone ahead and acquired -spacious, modern, ideally located accommodation the likes of which few institutes can dream to have. Accommodation is but one aspect of the ITASPA spaces: the campuses are well-equipped, well-appointed too. Each class room has not only liberal space allocation but also full technical paraphernalia. Digital studios, class room equipment, modern teaching aids, modern seating arrangements, musical instruments, recording and editing facilities, - all form an integral part of the ITA School Indore.


Faculty: Department of Acting

Faculty: Department of Singing

Faculty: Department of Choreography


702, Shagun Arcade, PU-4 Plot No. 8, Scheme 54, Vijay Nagar, Indore - 452001. Madhya Pradesh

+91 90090 03215
+91 90090 03314
Call: 0731 - 4222300

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