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About ITASPA Pune

The ITA School of Performing Arts Pune center is strategically located at Senapati Bapat Road and is very easily accessible by private as well as public transport from any part of Pune. This state of the art center is spread over 4000 sq feet and has all the facilities to provide comprehensive training to its students. Additional facilities like canteen and parking ensure that students have a pleasant time while at the center.

The ITA School of Performing Arts is a leading acting school in Pune, India. With the guidance of most renowned faces of television and film industry, we prepare the stars of the future. Our infrastructure is equipped with the most cutting-edge instruments that help you see your performance and improve it to the best level possible. We offer a wide range of courses including Acting, Dancing, Singing, Modelling ,Personality Enhancement & Grooming.

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Like all other branches of ITA School of Performing Arts, we offer following courses for our students:
Acting: In this 500+ hours of rigorous training, our acting wizards will cover various modules like movement exercises, theory of expressions, body language, voice techniques, diction and speech, improvisation and practice on camera.
Modeling: Our fashion guru’s will transform you into a matured and trained model. You will be educated in areas like ramp walk, runway raining, social and business etiquettes, communication skills, fitness and diet, makeup and hair styling and pageant training.
Singing: Our singing maestros will not just help you in enhancing your singing capabilities, but will also help your transformation from being a singer to being a performer.
Dancing: Our choreographers will take you through a journey covering multiple dance forms and some practical tips on how to perform on stage or face a reality show.


Faculty: Department of Acting

Faculty: Department of Singing

Faculty: Department of Dance

Faculty: Department of Modelling


Meridian Plaza, 1 Senapati Bapat Road, Pune - 411016, Maharashtra, India

800 764 0008
800 795 0008

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