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Best Singing Course in Mumbai, Pune & Indore

The ITASPA (ITA School of Performing Arts) is the biggest Film Playback Singing School in Mumbai, now also in Indore & Pune. Besides training in Sur & Taal, the school particularly teaches the detailed nuances of playback, which is a highly specialised job. It trains in voice-modulation to suit playback for different actors & actresses.

Besides this, the playback singing classes of ITASPA also give a comprehensive orientation in various forms of singing like Ghazals, Sufi and Classical music as well.

The courses will take the student through various stages of learning singing & music, such as - a seat of learning music with respect to Playback Singing, Traditional Styles, Light Classical (Thumri, Ghazal, etc), Western, Sufi / Devotional, Folk, Stage Performance, Studio Recording, etc.


There would be intense riaz, or say, practice sessions in classes under the best music gurus & well-known singers from Bollywood and outside. There will be an audio record of each student’s progress, in the form of CD’s created in a professional studio, with accompaniments.

Syllabus for Singing Course:

1. Full Time  –  4 Months

Week wise curriculum:

1st Week:

  • Fundamentals of vocal singing, beginning with its theoretical description.
  • Appreciation of notes and its usage.
  • Pitching practice with emphasis of individual scales.
  • Beginning of basic diction practice.
  • Songs of individual choice on a daily basis.

2nd Week:

  • Continuation of all the above.
  • Basic breathing techniques.
  • Introduction of basic rhythm.
  • Practice of Alankars and sargams. Techniques of ‘gamak’, ‘murki’ etc.
  • Art of devotional singing.
  • Songs of individual choice on a daily basis.

3rd Week:

  • Voice modulation and vocal projection techniques.
  • Voice culturing techniques with individual attention.
  • Induction of emotions and expressions into vocal singing.
  • Practice of sargams within rhythm cycles.
  • Thoroughly different songs and verses.
  • Nuances of straight-note songs.
  • Individual songs on adaily basis.

4th Week:

  • Revision of the previous lessons.
  • Introduction of Raag Bilawal.
  • Practice of RaagBilawal.
  • A song/bandish in Raag Bilawal.
  • Usual daily songs.

5th Week:

  • Same as the above week.
  • Countinuation of the raag.
  • Voice throw techniques and its usage in different styles.
  • Emphasis on playback technique.
  • A song of Sufi or qawwali genre.
  • Usual daily songs.

6th Week:

  • Introduction of Raag Yaman
  • Practice of swarmalika.
  • Alankars and sargams in Raag Yaman.
  • Songs of a different jenre.

7th Week:

  • Raag Yaman continued.
  • Practice the above raag in traditional manner.
  • Description of blending classical music techniques into light music.
  • A song in Raag Yaman.
  • Intro to western music.
  • Usual songs sessions.

8th Week:

  • Same as above week.
  • Basic insight on western music continues.
  • Talk on modern day music and recording techniques. 
  • Usual songs sessions.

9th Week:

  • Introduction to Raag Bhairav.
  • Aalaap, sargams in Bhairav.
  • Usual songs session.

10th Week:

  • Bandish in Raag Bhairav.
  • Aalaap and taan.
  • Usual songs session.

11th Week:

  • Introduction to Raag Bhairavi.
  • Basics in Bhairavi.
  • Bandish in details.
  • Songs of a genre.

12th Week:

  • Raag Bhairavi continued.
  • Chaturang in Bhairavi.
  • A devotional song.
  • Songs of different genre.

13th to 16th Week:

  • Studio/Vocal dynamic session.
  • Techniques of singing on the Microphone.
  • Mic. Practice continues.
  • Selection of songs.
  • Kept for studio recording/dubbing purpose.

2. Advance singing Course/Pro level II: 

 (2 months, 24 sessions)

  • A Higher level Raaga like Bhimpalasi.
  • Tarana with its details of rhythmic variations.
  • Songs of different Genre.
  • Higher level Diction practice.
  • 3 days Mike practice in studio.
  • One song dubbing in studio applicable only for 6 months course.

3. One year Diploma in Singing Course:

Classical Segment: 
Raag - Jaunpuri , Bhupali, Ahir Bhairav and Todi.
Detailed training of above ragas will consist of all classical aspects like - khayal Gayki with its components of Vistaar with Aalap, Taan Sargam etc. along with Tarana with its Layakari. 

Semi Classical Segment:
More Thumris and Dadras.

Light Music Segment:
Continued Gayaki of Bhajan, Ghazal, Geet, Sufi style and Folk. 

Hindi Film songs segment:
Will be covering all the possible genre, Songs from as early as 60s up to modern time. 

There will be more opportunities for practical training in the form of mike practice and studio training.   

Song Recording:
Two songs to be recorded. 



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